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Employers’ public health role

TweetWorking-age ill-health costs the UK economy an annual £100bn, and in a piece for the Guardian online, I give a snapshot of what some employers are doing to improve the health of their staff. It might be easy to dismiss … Continue reading

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Mental health on TV: entertainment vs realism and sensitivity

TweetIf someone’s arm was broken on TV we would see it bandaged up. If someone had diabetes we would see them receiving insulin. If we see someone had a heart condition we would see them wired up to an ECG … Continue reading

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My campaign to change attitudes, one event at a time

TweetWe have just ‘celebrated’ World Mental Health day (10 October). I, and many like me, hope that as each year passes so does the stigma and discrimination of mental health. Stigma impacts like a disease – if left untreated, the … Continue reading

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Why did the Salvation Army fail to act on my claims of sexual abuse?

TweetA woman who complained 16 years ago of being abused by charity personnel in the 1970s now wants an inquiry: The Salvation Army failed to investigate allegations of historical child abuse, according to a woman who told the charity 16 … Continue reading

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Campaigning in my community for mental health

TweetEach time I return to my childhood village the memories come flooding back. Memories of football in the street and endless walks along rugged cliffs that are some of the highest in the country. A sense of innocence from another … Continue reading

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Telling the untold stories of austerity

Tweet Women in Croxteth, Liverpool, discuss the impact of cuts on communities, part of the research for the new book, Austerity Bites Do you know what austerity really means? Here’s a definition from the Collins Dictionary, as quoted in Mary … Continue reading

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Storytelling for people with learning disabilities: ‘We just natter away’

Tweet. Lisa Johnson is a writer. The 30-year-old from Sheffield recently had a book published, a collection of poems, songs and stories put together with fellow authors from her writing collective. Today she will take part in a workshop in … Continue reading

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Charity helpline supports abuse victims with learning disabilities

TweetIf Simon Tovey gets anxious before using the bathroom, you might assume his panic is linked to his learning disability. Maybe the public convenience is unfamiliar? Yet Tovey’s fear is the result of the abuse he suffered at Winterbourne View … Continue reading

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Radio raises awareness: The Archers mental health storyline

TweetI recall listening to Radio 4’s The Archers as a teenager on long hot summer afternoons; the “heatwave” summer of 1976 springs to mind. As with listening to cricket, the radio soap helped me to relax and I warmed to … Continue reading

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We need to prepare for the next global pandemic

TweetIt is a disease one in three of us will develop – 135 million people will have it by 2050 and its worldwide health and social-care cost in 2010 was estimated at £400bn…yet no one is ready for the worldwide … Continue reading

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