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Why are stroke survivors being written off?

TweetPaul Luscombe rises confidently from his wheelchair, sets one foot in front of the other and walks steadily between the parallel bars in the rehabilitation gym of his care home. The simple task is, as Luscombe says, amazing, given that … Continue reading

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Campaigning new disability rights network for London

TweetA new organisation bringing together disabled people’s organisations in west London has just been launched. The launch of Hammersmith and Fulham Disabled People’s Organisations Network was made on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities last week and coincided with … Continue reading

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Tech two: UK charity recycles computers to Africa

TweetStories of public sector waste and inefficiency are commonplace, not least amid the current climate of cuts and the notion of “doing more with less”. Which is why I was interested to hear of a project in Gloucestershire that collects … Continue reading

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No-one should ever have to feel like they are not worth helping

Tweet“No-one should ever have to feel like they are not worth helping…” I saw these striking words on a postcard displayed at a recent event to celebrate volunteering. With the massive cuts in public spending and the unprecedented reform of … Continue reading

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Telling the untold stories of austerity

Tweet Women in Croxteth, Liverpool, discuss the impact of cuts on communities, part of the research for the new book, Austerity Bites Do you know what austerity really means? Here’s a definition from the Collins Dictionary, as quoted in Mary … Continue reading

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The man dreaming of being ordinary – and the campaign to help him

TweetHow many people aspire to be ordinary? Success is usually defined success as standing out from the crowd, being the focus of attention or doing something extraordinary. But Shairaz’s wish is different. Shairaz wants to be regarded as ordinary because, … Continue reading

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Public transport should be for all members of the public

TweetPublic transport – by definition involves “buses, trains, and other forms of transport that are available to the public, charge set fares, and run on fixed routes”. While the network is meant to be for the use of the general … Continue reading

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Ordinary residence, extraordinary mess

Tweet“Disabled people in residential care who want to live more independently are being prevented from doing so by funding wrangles between local authorities” – that’s taken from a piece I wrote three years ago, but since then little has changed. … Continue reading

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“I am valuable. I can still shine and I will still go on”

TweetHuge lashes sweeping over her eyelids, face framed by diamante and skin shining gold, this is a photographic portrayal of how Samona Naomi Williams feels some days: valuable, not a burden to society. Yet Samona, a wheelchair user who Ehlers-Danlos … Continue reading

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Cuts and controversy in Tower Hamlets

TweetLutfur Rahman’s name is usually prefixed with the word “controversial”. It is an apt description of the first directly elected mayor of Tower Hamlets, in east London. He is the council’s ex-Labour leader turned independent mayoral candidate who won 2010’s … Continue reading

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