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Campaigner Jonathan Andrews on the talents and skills of autistic people

Tweet Jonathan Andrews was once advised to hide his autism from prospective employers. Instead, he is making his name by doing just the opposite. The 22-year-old recently won campaigner of the year at the European Diversity Awards 2016 and talked … Continue reading

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People with learning disabilities are not scroungers or superheroes

TweetThe MBE recently won by Shaun Webster is, he says “two fingers” to the bullying colleagues who tormented him when he worked in a warehouse some years ago. You can’t disagree with the 43-year-old’s use of frank language – his … Continue reading

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Employers’ public health role

TweetWorking-age ill-health costs the UK economy an annual £100bn, and in a piece for the Guardian online, I give a snapshot of what some employers are doing to improve the health of their staff. It might be easy to dismiss … Continue reading

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Cutting employment support for learning disabled people is a false economy

TweetRichard Ward has barely taken a day off sick since he started working 15 years ago. His friendly nature and keen eye for detail suit his role at a Boots store in Coventry, date-checking food, stacking shelves and helping customers … Continue reading

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Exhibition: from exclusion to empowerment

TweetSome striking photographs here of the social inclusion work in India and Africa by the charity Sightsavers. Shot by Guardian photographer Graeme Robertson, the images show “empowered lives and the impact of exclusion”, tying in with International Day of Persons … Continue reading

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Telling the untold stories of austerity

Tweet Women in Croxteth, Liverpool, discuss the impact of cuts on communities, part of the research for the new book, Austerity Bites Do you know what austerity really means? Here’s a definition from the Collins Dictionary, as quoted in Mary … Continue reading

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Development and disability: new report urges action

TweetHazrat Bilal from Narshingdi, Bangladesh, has been blind since birth, but it was only in 2008 at the age of 33, with support from Bangladeshi charity Action for Blind Children, that he was officially registered as permanently disabled. That led … Continue reading

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Art works explore the world of work

TweetHow blurred are the lines between work and leisure, thanks to the impact of technology on our working lives? Does anyone still really work only an eight hour day? And what about the rising numbers of self-employed people in our … Continue reading

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More autistic people should be able to volunteer

TweetMy experience proves the benefits of volunteering for people with autism. I was born in 1959 and diagnosed with autism in 1963, at age four. I was one of Sybil Elgar’s first pupils at her progressive school. She was a … Continue reading

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‘They made me feel worthwhile’: community-based alternatives to care

TweetThe fate of children in care in Scotland has recently his the headlines; care leavers need more support, say experts, if their life chances are to improve. And today Michael Gove has criticised the care home system in England. But … Continue reading

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