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The disability activist fighting injustice

TweetSocial policy professor Peter Beresford once described Doug Paulley, who I interviewed for today’s Guardian, as as a “caped care home crusader”. Paulley is known for his wheelchair priority case against transport company FirstGroup, hinging on whether bus firms are … Continue reading

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A huge percentage of the population without redress – that is dangerous

TweetThe government’s plan to slash £220m from the UK’s legal aid budget has rightly been condemned for its sweeping scale but, in this series of interviews I’ve done for the Guardian, the very human impact – the effect on the … Continue reading

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Why we must protect the shrinking legal aid safety net

TweetSarah can tell you how quickly things fall apart. She has learning difficulties and mental health problems. She received benefits until a Department for Work and Pensions medical examiner assessed her as fit for work, without taking into account her … Continue reading

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