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‘They made me feel worthwhile’: community-based alternatives to care

TweetThe fate of children in care in Scotland has recently his the headlines; care leavers need more support, say experts, if their life chances are to improve. And today Michael Gove has criticised the care home system in England. But … Continue reading

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Older people power: society and product design need to wise up

TweetSociety often fails to realise that people aged 65 and over currently represent a sixth of the UK population responsible for £120 billion worth of spending power a year – over 18% of total spending in the UK. And the … Continue reading

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An invisible population: older people with autism

TweetTimothy Baron was among the first children in the UK to be diagnosed with autism just over 50 years ago. Timothy was in need of specialist education but autistic children then had no right to schooling, so his father, Michael, … Continue reading

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How the media must mind mental health

TweetStephen Fry’s recent disclosure of his attempted suicide last year highlights that mental illness does not discriminate between the “haves” and “have nots”, the famous and the “ordinary”. None of us are immune from the feelings Fry described. The representation … Continue reading

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Tailor-made technology: systems and support in social care

TweetJulie Heightley was so worried about her son Thomas suffering an epileptic fit at night that for two years she slept on a camp bed outside his room. The broken sleep and constant supervision of Thomas, who has autism and … Continue reading

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On loss and learning

TweetI have lost too many friends and service users through suicide over the past 30 years. We examine our consciences to see if we could have done more to prevent such deaths, that’s a normal human reaction. It’s what empathy … Continue reading

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The season to be jolly?

TweetHooray, it’s Christmas! Yes, the season to be jolly is upon us once again. But that’s OK because everyone loves Christmas, right? Well, I’m not a fan and I know I won’t be the only one shunning the Christmas cheer, … Continue reading

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Self-harm: the power of talking face to face

TweetSelf-harm has always been a taboo subject and in my many years of mental health nursing probably provided more challenges than anything else for me. It touches at the very core of who we are and how we deal with … Continue reading

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Bricks and mobility: buildings and disability history

TweetA gap in a church wall speaks volumes about the history of disability in England; lepers’ squints allowed people with leprosy to see the pulpit and hear the service through a small chink in the stonework, without coming into contact … Continue reading

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Prevention, partnership, proofing against the future

TweetWith less than six months to go before councils adopt responsibility for public health from the NHS in April 2013, much depends on successful collaboration between cross-sector agencies. As the date approaches, the latest Guardian public health seminar gathered together … Continue reading

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