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Radio raises awareness: The Archers mental health storyline

TweetI recall listening to Radio 4’s The Archers as a teenager on long hot summer afternoons; the “heatwave” summer of 1976 springs to mind. As with listening to cricket, the radio soap helped me to relax and I warmed to … Continue reading

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Seeing dementia through a different lens

TweetI was entranced by some of Cathy Greenblat’s photographs of people with Alzheimer’s, which I came across when researching a recent piece about dementia. Dementia is a major global challenge – health experts describe it as the next global pandemic. … Continue reading

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We need to prepare for the next global pandemic

TweetIt is a disease one in three of us will develop – 135 million people will have it by 2050 and its worldwide health and social-care cost in 2010 was estimated at £400bn…yet no one is ready for the worldwide … Continue reading

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Home ownership for vulnerable people

TweetHow can someone with learning disabilities or mental health issues possibly own their own home? With a long-established but seldom-used form of housing called shared ownership. The power of the part-rent, part-buy scheme to transform lives is illustrated in a … Continue reading

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More autistic people should be able to volunteer

TweetMy experience proves the benefits of volunteering for people with autism. I was born in 1959 and diagnosed with autism in 1963, at age four. I was one of Sybil Elgar’s first pupils at her progressive school. She was a … Continue reading

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Hope, health and happiness: new show at arts charity

TweetHope is the focus of a new exhibition by artists from the CoolTan arts and mental health charity. Stayin’ Alive, which opens today, includes works in different media including oil on canvas, acrylic, printmaking and sculpture. The stigma-breaking south London-based … Continue reading

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Social networks and mental health: supportive environment or a stalking ground for cyber-bullies?

TweetBullying crushes a child’s self esteem and confidence. It can leave a child feeling alone, totally helpless, and with no one to turn to. In their childhood innocence and naivety some even blame themselves for their torment. Many schools now … Continue reading

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Breaking taboos about birth

TweetHyper-real images that question cultural attitudes towards women and childbirth form part of a new exhibition opening today. The show at the GV Art gallery by Helen Knowles, Private View: Public Birth, features both figurative and abstract images of women … Continue reading

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‘They made me feel worthwhile': community-based alternatives to care

TweetThe fate of children in care in Scotland has recently his the headlines; care leavers need more support, say experts, if their life chances are to improve. And today Michael Gove has criticised the care home system in England. But … Continue reading

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Older people power: society and product design need to wise up

TweetSociety often fails to realise that people aged 65 and over currently represent a sixth of the UK population responsible for £120 billion worth of spending power a year – over 18% of total spending in the UK. And the … Continue reading

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