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Images of caring captured on camera

Example image 2

Example image 3

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These candid images of caring are among the photographs in a new exhibition that focuses on the role of carers and disability.

Capturing the bond between disabled children and young adults and their parents, professionals, siblings and friends, tonight’s show from the charity Netbuddy raises awareness of the challenges faced by young disabled people ahead of the UN’s Children’s Day on Wednesday. The photographs are a refreshing take on the images of disability which usually appear in the public domain; although representing the difficulties experienced by the children and young people and their families and carers, they also present disability and caring in a family and social context.

The Faces of Caring exhibition by Netbuddy, an online community for parents, carers and professionals looking after people with special needs, includes photographs of people with complex medical needs and a range of learning disabilities.

* Faces of Caring starts at 6pm today The Hub, Tanner Street, London SE1. For more information, contact Netbuddy