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Prevention, partnership, proofing against the future

TweetWith less than six months to go before councils adopt responsibility for public health from the NHS in April 2013, much depends on successful collaboration between cross-sector agencies. As the date approaches, the latest Guardian public health seminar gathered together … Continue reading

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Decent homes for the homeless

Tweet“Homelessness doesn’t have a face,” says Janet Marsh, “it can happen to anyone, anywhere.” Marsh, 65, from east London, lost her privately rented home in her 50s after her marriage ended, then became ill with epilepsy and arthritis. “People think … Continue reading

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Public health: councils have the will, if not the way

Tweet“Smokers Wanted”, announced the sign above an information stall at a sixth-form college in Swindon. The quirky take on the usual stop-smoking message drew students’ attention to the public health campaign by multi-agency group the Swindon Tobacco Control Partnership. Read … Continue reading

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Is Cameron’s ‘big society’ reserved for the rich?

TweetLocal philanthropy and volunteers have driven the ‘big society’ in Surrey for years. So is David Cameron’s flagship project only viable for affluent communities? England’s well-heeled home counties are the natural habitat of Cameron’s “big society”. The combination of a … Continue reading

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Self-help housing solutions

TweetSelf-help housing can help solve employment as well as housing problems – so here’s a belated nudge to a piece by Kate Murray, regular Social Issue blogger, which explores the below-the-radar world of community housing projects in Society Guardian.

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Growing old gracefully; shelter with style

TweetWith bursts of retro orange shooting through its autumnal colour palette and wooden floors framed by bright white walls, the purpose-built accommodation pictured here wouldn’t look out of place in some interiors magazines. Beneath the well-appointed rooms lies a bistro … Continue reading

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A neet partnership

TweetAiming to crack two of the public sector’s greatest challenges – homelessness and the Neet issue – is daunting enough. Doing so with a multi-agency partnership spanning the sectors of local government, charity, education and housing makes the task even … Continue reading

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Are we losing the care in our communities?

Tweet When the revolution of care in the community took place, the decision to close long stay institutions resulted in a new, big idea; normal lifestyles, in normal houses, in normal streets. People found themselves discharged from hospitals into small … Continue reading

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How Roma integration could be child’s play

TweetIt is a simple act that speaks volumes about the barriers that have been broken; a young Roma boy hands a flower to the play worker he had been so challenging towards just two weeks ago. The scene took place … Continue reading

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How addicts can shape their own recovery

TweetA 24-hour radio station for recovering addicts is among the new schemes in a Royal Society of Arts-led (RSA) project to put service users at the heart of their treatment and support, read my Society Guardian piece here.

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