Half of all children spot signs of neglect in their peers

Full story on Action for Children’s shocking new research in a piece I did for today’s Society Guardian. Makes you think twice about the shabbily-dressed boy at school who no one wanted to play with or the scrawny girl who got bullied in the playground. There’s a fine line between creating a vigilant society and encouraging the scaremongering finger-pointers, but today’s new report raises some important concerns ahead of the spending review that’s likely to decimate funding for child welfare.

One thought on “Half of all children spot signs of neglect in their peers”

  1. I had a friend like Rachel when I was at school. All the way through secondary school it was obvious things weren’t right, and in the final year things came to a head. She got help from social services but it was never easy for her and she is still clearly affected by her past. It is so important that children who come to notice at school in this way are helped by their schools and appropriate services. I hope this kind of help will become easier to obtain …

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