‘I am different, that is good’: how an actor with Down’s syndrome is changing perceptions

Sarah Gordy, actor.
Sarah Gordy, actor.

Really enjoyed talking to the brilliant actor Sarah Gordy for today’s interview in The Guardian.

As I explain in the piece, the established theatre and television professional, who has Down’s syndrome, is breaking new ground by playing a character without a disability.

She has just appeared in Manchester play Crocodiles, combining this with charity work, including as Mencap’s first celebrity ambassador with a learning disability, a role she took on a year ago.

If Gordy looks familiar, it’s because she’s already starred in high-profile BBC roles in Call the Midwife and in Upstairs Downstairs as well as being involved in the Shifting Perspectives exhibition, an annual project from the Down’s Syndrome Association, where she posed for the striking portrait below, entitled After Vermeer (and I blogged about the exhibition here).

Sarah Gordy in 'Sarah After Vermeer', shot by Richard Bailey
Sarah Gordy in ‘After Vermeer’, shot by Richard Bailey

As Gordy told me, “I’m just a normal person who lives a normal life.” You can follow Sarah on Twitter @sarah_gordy

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