Video: we need to change how we support and see people with learning disabilities

After writing about the avoidable death of Connor Sparrowhawk for the Guardian and posting on this blog, I wanted to share this short video from Gary Bourlet from self advocacy group People First England.

As Gary says: “A young man who was looking forward to the rest of his life died in a unit without any support…He should have had the right support at the right time. This is happening not just to Connor, but to other people who have been in units before and we want to see these big institutions, asylums closed so people like Connor could be part of society and communities we all want to live in.”

You can read more from the self advocacy group on Connor’s death and the need for change here.

* The “Connor Manifesto” outlines what “justice for LB” looks like (Laughing Boy was Connor’s nickname). You can find out more about the campaign by following #JusticeforLB or @JusticeforLB and @sarasiobhan on Twitter, or checking out the 107 Days site and Sara Ryan’s blog.

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