For Graeme Robertsons Show in Dec.

Shankari being led by his grandaughter.

SEPT- 2014 -New Delhi -INDIA: Photographer Graeme Robertson traveled to India to photograph one of Sightsavers programs as part of his upcoming show in London. These pictures are from New Delhi as he travels though the city on route to his destination.

3rd December 2014 is International Day of Persons with Disabilities and one year on from the launch of the Put Us in the Picture campaign. Sightsavers wants to use this day to celebrate the success achieved to date, thank supporters and inspire, engage and motivate people to continue to put pressure on the government.
To date the main focus has been on the political process and audiences, but we now need to build on the public campaign, and the 13,000 supporters who have already signed up, to show decision makers that this is an issue people care about. By increasing public support, we can put pressure on politicians to ensure they carry out their promises.
Coverage will provide an opportunity for me to connect with a wider public audience of politically aware readers in order to raise awareness of the issues and continue to build momentum and public support for the campaign.
The content gathered on the trip and the accompanying TV crew (along with the exhibition on the 3rd of DEC in East london) will give people with disabilities an opportunity to tell their stories. It will bring their stories to life through words, images and audio, so the public can experience what it’s like for people with disabilities living in developing countries and feel moved and inspired to support the cause.
Using the power of individual personal stories we will demonstrate the barriers people with disabilities in developing countries face and the impact this is having on their lives and those around them.
We will also show the alternative side of the story – how it doesn’t have to be this way – that there is huge potential to transform their lives and those of their families and wider community given the right interventions.

Portraits at home

( Photograph by Graeme Robertson)

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